Hallowed Articles

In 2013, Mark Holt (ex-8vo) launched a new independent record label called hallowed articles together with his San Francisco-based nephew Matthew Holt who produces electronic music as 'Denley' and in the groups Broken Figures and Latent Sea. The first hallowed article, HA_01 featured Latent Sea's Serial Chiller with the b-side a remix by Oakland's BOATS.

Read the Cerysmatic Factory interview with Matt and Mark.

Hallowed Article 01

HA_01 Latent Sea / BOATS


7"/DL: UK/US (Hallowed Articles, HA_01)

Serial Chiller
Serial Chiller (BOATS Remix)

Latent Sea is hallowed articles co-owner Matt Holt (Denley) and Tom Baugh (Crested) who runs the label Sleep Over Records.

BOATS is the moniker of Aaron Ferguson. Blending digital and analog sensibilities, he draws heavily from a California G-Funk and Jazz palette. He's part of the Oakland, California-based collective/label Dollops Music and has also released music on Hamburg, Germany's Saturate Records.

Latent Sea: Bandcamp
Denley: Bandcamp | Soundcloud
Crested: Bandcamp | Soundcloud
BOATS: Bandcamp

Hallowed Article 02

HA_02 Bomarr / N8NOFACE


7"/DL: UK/US (Hallowed Articles, HA_02)

Keep Me From Me
She Cries Cries Cries

Bomarr is part of the Anticon electronic hip-hop trio Restiform Bodies, released a video collage and accompanying soundtrack titled "Surface Sincerity" in 2003 and an album "Freedom from Frightened Air" in 2007.

N8NOFACE is part of the 8-bit punk duo CRIMEKILLZ. In May, he released the full-length minimal synth album "Stories of Those" on the Los Angeles label Hit & Run. The two have also released a digital single "Ready for My Ride" and have more songs on the way.

Bomarr: Bandcamp | Soundcloud
N8NOFACE: Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Hallowed Article 03

HA_03 Dream Tiger


7"/DL: UK/US (Hallowed Articles, HA_03)

|BEGINS|the future|OVER|

Emerging from the fog back-lit by bass heavy drums and intricately woven synths, dream tiger takes the stage. Though small in stature, Liz Wolf's channeled emotion fills the room with vocals powerful enough to stop anyone in their tracks; and with good reason. She debuted her solo project onstage and released her first album titled SELF in 2013 while moonlighting as keyboardist for WHY?.

Living and touring coast-to-coast over the past 8 years, Wolf finally settled in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2010 where she recorded and mixed SELF to which HA_03 is the follow-up.

In support of Of Montreal in 2014 dream tiger toured as a 4 piece: Josiah Wolf along with fellow WHY? bandmate Doug McDiarmid and Master Synth God Ofir "MS-20" Klemperer.

Dream Tiger: Official site | Big Cartel | Bandcamp

Hallowed Article 04

HA_04 Travis Corwin


7"/DL: UK/US (Hallowed Articles, HA_04)

Mock, Yeah!

Travis Corwin (Travis Miller) lives and works in Los Angeles. He co-runs Peconic Records, who released his latest full length "Beach Glass" in February of 2016.

Travis Corwin: Bandcamp | Soundcloud
Peconic Records: Official website | Bandcamp

Hallowed Article 05

HA_05: Karmelloz & C PLUS PLUS


7"/DL: UK/US (Hallowed Articles, HA_05)

Metal Tape
Wax Matrix

"Karmelloz (Matt Pepitone) and C Plus Plus (Dylan Howe) have collaborated quite a bit over the last few years, on originals, remixing each other and as joint-remixers for other artists. Their work has spanned labels including 1080p, Apothecary Compositions, Car Crash Set and Cleaning Tapes, as well as self-released material.

They recently have decided to release their collaborations under the name PORTLAND COMPRESSOR, with their first EP being released digitally and on cassette this May.

Portland Compressor: Bandcamp
Karmelloz: Bandcamp | Soundcloud
C PLUS PLUS: Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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All Hallowed Articles are available to buy now via the Big Cartel.