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Interesting... what do you mean - interesting?


I'm just chillin' like Bob Dylan


All new - all of some interest

Emily Brown

I need loads of information on Factory Rec


A very interesting website especially about Factory Records. Thank you for the information

nameRob Beavan

commentWhat's all this about the Happy Mondays reforming and touring? How can I get tickets?!



steemin tobe

well good page here, lotsa stuff that's totally pointless but interesting because of it . ta-ta th'now

Mitch Farmer

I am trying to get my hand on anything and everything by The Stockholm Monsters. Can you guide me to any dealers or collectors? Thanks,

Tom Zimmer

Love the Factory images. Great job. How'd you get the posters into digital? Scanner? Digital camera?

Rose Reid

How do I order these records from you. I am looking for any record that has the song Darkenss and Colour by the Railway Children.

Helen Moon

I heard that "pieces" of the hacienda were being sold! This sounded cool to me having been out of England for a long time. No-one I know seems to remember where you get them from. Do you know? Send me an e-mail,



andrea bianco

the durutti column part is exciting !!!

is ike yard "a fact a 2nd" available on cd?


love the piccy- Boyzone are fab!


Adventure Babies, the world is a sadder place without you.

Stevie Gist

Your lots of fun!

Amy Dickson

I'm trying to track Peter Saville down for some research that I'm doing - can you help? Cheers


Get me outta here!

Chris, Ealing W5

Excellent site!!!

John Hilton

Hi e-mail soon


I just would like to know about great trip hop bands besides portishead, massive attack, red snapper, unkle, but more to the line of portishead; or about bands in radihead's wave if you get this mail me back at nachogotera@

Winston Huang

I'd like to know where to find Kalima

Dwain Crispell

Whom do I contact for permission to use Durutti Column music for a video

Simon Denning

Very nice

mark brooksbank

currently residing in toronto using the net to find out about acr,what happened,whats available etc,??

Hmmm. Ilike you're Jake and Dinos Chapman exam. Cool. You are obviously some one with good taste and having ok computer on your play list confims my thought. Nice site

Gemma Illidge

I need to know the history of all your bands and signings etc for an A level coursework module can you dispaly any info that might be of help to me cheers

Gemma Illidge

I need to know the history of all your bands and signings etc for an A level coursework module can you dispaly any info that might Oh and by the way HAPPY MONDAYS RULE, where is Shaun Ryder and Bez?

Nobby Stiles

Your comments

Vinni (Yes Me)

Mindblowing and thank you

Kees Tijsen

I am looking for a biography and discography from A Certain Ratio. I am also interested in their lyrics. Could you perhaps mail me where i can find this information on the internet? Greetings, Kees Tijsen (The Netherlands)


Excellent website - I am looking for an email address for Peter Saville and Associates Ltd


My email address is

interesting site, any news on A Certain Ratio dates - if they are still playing live that is?

Rowena Slope

I can't get my pen to write on the screen...

Morgan Staggers

Hi, I'm looking for "the" John Renton who released an album on Reprise in 1975 called "Half In, Half Out." I don't know if he's the one who appears on one of the Wendys' albums. If he is, however, I would very much like to contact him. My email is

I would like to build a hacienda web site and was wondering if anyone would object; Tony Wilson or anyone at Factory records.

Eifion Bedford

Very good. Ca'nt wait till it's finished :-)


Your comments


way neato



Julie Warner

Love the site...

Kim the Cat

I've paid you a visit - does that earn me any brownie points?


some real gems here!

carlos jaime martell

factory is more


mm coffee...

steve aldcroft


steve aldcroft

its great when viewed straight....yeah !

Andrew Reilly

frist visit


nice stuff, i've got loads of other bits. i dj'd for the last 2 years of its presence and played the last new years eve. bless. get in touch

tony jarvis

nice site, long live nostalgia


I really love Joy Division, but here in Indonesia it's so hard for me to find all of joy division recordings

Tony Horner

Kewl, informative Website

John Frye

We always need more Factory sites.


After looking at this site, I'm going to suss out my fifty best fac tracks ( ans maybe post them here...

Darryl Montague

Great site on the best label for years and years....More info on the Blackpool connection would be handy,though...(tunnelvision and Section 25!!)

twisted animator

Top Site ... luv it ... oh happy memories !!!



steve bannister (rochdale)

stop. carry on.




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garry daw

Your comment


does anyone know how to get hold of some of the stuff on this ie. posters post cards etc.

Bjrn K

Anyone interested in trading live stuff with some of the old groups?

David Hindmarsh

What's this site all about? Many happy memories of Fac 51 - first ever meal served on opening night ate our Burgers and missed Bernard M. % nights a week for about three years. Carol, Joanne, Spud, Chas where are you all?


well done

Jon Dasilva


Paul Barker

Have the mondays split up? if not are they doing any gigs soon.

richard olaguera

foookin graytt site!!!!



donald nielson

great site


i don`t know what is this for?

James Thomson


Andrea Bianco

The best pages in all the web for Factory!!



Mike Boniventure

Good site...cant wait for the film...

keir stewart




bug powder dust



looking for info on hopper, signed to factory too, anyone remember them??



Johnny Black


Johnny Black

Actually, Johnny Black has more to say than that. But it's very late and he's very tired, so he'll settle for saying that it's been nice to be here, and I'll be back.

Derek A. Warren

Great site! It's nice to see such a tribute to the greatest label ever!

Derek A. Warren

in reference to the Hopper question above...yes i remember them...good band with bernard butler producing...i have the album and a few singles...any other info you need let me know

Keir Stewart

Fuckin' 'ell, you get to see the sleeve before i do. I'm gonna go off now and "tantrum" to myself!

manuel schillagi

lo estuve buscando desde hace tiempo. felicitaciones


this site is absolutely incredible...thank you!!!

victoria veronica del campo kustner

Hello, Im in Malaga and Ive changed my sex


check out my Josef K site

Tony Mikalpos

I was at the Hacienda a privledged few times on my trips to England. I have some great stories about people that I met. I would like to receive e-mails from persons that attended and any fan clubs started regarding Factory Re-Releases, News, Groups reforming... I wish!!!!!


looking for karl denver records

andy coupe


John Kertland

Great site!

Dave Haslam

Blimey, you know more about this than me! Although I have some memorablia you would die for!

Colin Richardson-Webb

Great site, many happy memories especially from the mid eighties, Thursday Temperance night also great.


Your site kicks ass. The purest clean fac site I have ever seen. Cum give me a wet sloppy kiss.

paul foster

I was such a fan. growing up in Wigan, it seemed that the whole world revolved around Manchester. My band (The Red October Factory- yes, I know!) basically ripped-off every riff by New Order, ACR and The Stockholm Monsters, but it didn't matter, cos they often ripped each other off! What mattered was style...Peter Saville was a genius, as was Martin Hannett. They site is great, it looks like it was produced in the heyday of true indie pop, 1983. Shame there are no mp3 downloads tho'. I lost all of my vinyl and the box set cassettes when I went bankrupt!



What can i say. so many great times were had. FAC 51 THE HACIENDA. Thanks to all involved.We know who we are ! RESPECT TO mike-graeme-jon.the true renegades.anyway now weve blown it. the hacienda does'nt exist anywere. THE HACIENDA MUST BE BUILT. KEEP THE FAITH. p.s. ONE MORE

sonny davies


sonny davies

sorry...... High


i was looking for the fountain of life. but fell into a cool paradise, and remember ! sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke of luck. peace-love-unity & having fun !

James Cleary

Would love to hear from old friend John Dowie


Nice site - like the updates! 8o)

Northern Soul

Great website bringing back some hazy memories of the legendary Hac. Nice to see Dave Haslam, Jon Dasilva and Bobby Langley paying their respects to this site. < <

us 2

respect to northern soul. Aiight !

john rifle

great, great site!

Ian+Carolanne Keith

Excellent Site and Links...Keep up the good work....Regards


Those Hot and Nude nights, great memories of standing in the rain round the block.


i used to work at the hacienda and let me tell you it was mad club

David Meller

this site is amazing! i am 16 years old, and i wish i was a few years older, so i could have experienced this properly. i am a factory fanatic now! :D

Dario Sozze' - Sannazzaro (PV) Italy

Good site!

Paul Pledger

I managed to get every factory release up to FAC 200 and some after that...Try LTM Publishing for Stockholm Monsters re-issues (also Section 25 and The Wake) Or go to Virgin Mega who can order in via SRD. beanos of Croydon also sell back catalogue singles on Factory!!




looking good!

Richard Wilde

How are The Distractions ?


Great website. I was there in 82

simon smales

nice outfit


suzanne!! where are you??


Can anyone help me get a copy of the Madchester video? Let me know, e-mail me at

Paul Winter

Great site! Keep up the good work. I worked at 8vo 95/96 and during that time designed the CD packaging for the Durutti Column back catalogue released on FactoryOnce.

adelle stripe

Help! Desperatley seeking Fac 1 poster. Money no problem....any ideas? Please mail /

Francis Corby

I'm pleased I can find some information on the label of my favorite band, New Order.

Aaron Vincent-Arnold Theis

Excellent site. I am an Anthropologist/Archeologist/Historian second and House DJ first. I remember hearing about all the stuff happening in manchester cause it was very similiar to what was going on in Houston at Numbers and Rich's during the same time period. Our DJ's would play well, you probably would not believe it, so if you have any Questions, my E-mail is I am currently working on parrells between scenes and trying to establish what went on.


Great stuff. Would love to see more interior shots of the Hac, with or without the punters


MESSAGE FOR AMY DICKSON - You can send Peter Saville's new webpage an e-mail through the Warm Company site. I tried a little while ago but haven't heard anything yet. What's the Saville research for? If you fancy chatting about the great man you can mail me on

Darryl Gill



Love it!, avid factory fan who hates the net!, just loves play'in vinyl!

Rob Brady

nice site. nice to see bobby langley here. dj'd at dry on nye 97, great set, great night, thanx bobby


acr are


Bring back the Piers Adams cd!!!

Paul Manning

Great site, I enjoyed it very much < <

DAV 77

Love the site, nice one.



ian brown

i wish we were on factory!

Anthony H Wilson

Its all Thanks to Me... XX ;-)

Big Fan

Come on matey, where the hell is S*Club 7 and Steps???

I'm looking for the cd Facd 306: Glad day by Steve Martland. Anyone who can help me?

cally of middlesbrough

big on new order thats cool

zena sfeir

so good to see it all - very organised site - I hope you exhibit all this stuff one day

hac i en da

all the dickhead drug dealers and pissed up idiots who started fights at the hacienda deserve to die for getting the club closed down. PRICKS!! I'L FUCKING KILL YOU!

john squire

i want all the wankers who caused the hacienda to close to die. thank you!!

ryan johnson

shit hot


great,great,ab fab!!


Thanks for your page!, thanks for the emotions. I never forget this piece of culture ensambled with love

Tony Wilson is a god 4 giving us the Hacienda, Factory records & some of the best bands ever. You're Twistin' My Melon, Man!!!!!!

Simon Foster

Very Useful & Informative

Bernard Sumner

What!!! I Owned A Fookin Club!!


Well done!


What an ambitious site you've done here! Lots of candy to the fac-freaks, like I.

Jesse Christopherson

I'm so glad there's a website like yours. I hope you keep adding stuff.

Chester Cycle

Everything about Factory and the Hacienda is awesome. Tony Wilson and the gang deserve vast amounts of credit for giving all of us the chance to hear all of these great bands and to see all of the beautiful design work from album covers to the Hacienda itself. A true cornerstone of modern music and design. I also love this site. I particularly like the way it fits with the Factory visual asthetics.


there is a band in stoke on trent who alot of people deem to be very exciting an promicing like oasis were contact them on 01782 395605.give them a chance

Simon Eliasson yes, we should have been signed to Factory if we were born say 30 years ago. We're out of our time. But maybe Mr Wilson will see this and go crazy about us. I hope.

Neil, Wilmslow

Brilliant site - True Faith indeed! I heard Terry Christian (gulp!) about four hours ago on R5 saying that New Order are perpetually fresh in what they do, 20 years on - can I say the same too about Vini who played some great stuff on Channel M a week or two ago.


Does anyone know what Bobby Langley did with the DJ booth? Have a look at what we did with one of the steel columns

Jon Salisbury

Hungry for all things Joy Division - so, here I am. I saw them live, played at a few of the venues they played at and was even a guest on a Tony Wilson show!

Pete L

What a lovely site - I've come over all nostalgic - but as Wilson might say "nostalgia is for cunts" so I'll get off...

Curious Yellow

Smoke clears and the tune stays the same. Time to repeat the chorus again and again.


just been looking at the leigh FAC 15 page. any one got any photos?, and who remembers the game of football!! Factory bands v Zoo bands. what a day


check my site out

Clive Jones (Train Set)

great site....any train set posters i can get hold of?



s. borges

Together with FB's labour of love on the same subject, J. Nice's heroic efforts in re-release practically everything hidden under the paint of post-industrial Manchester, your impressive work here makes the best of past decades come alive on my screen in distant Sud Amerika! San Sebastian is ever so greatful!


Top site!

Jimmy Saville

Now then Now then Now then..young lad, sit on my knee...


eeh! those were t'days, i remember my mate dave being thrown out of windsor castle for wearing his "fac off" t shirt.

Christian Nelson


Jonny K

As a young designer iam inspired by this work, keep on rocking!


Love the new layout.


Nice to see the site. Worked with Cliff from Northside for the best part of a year over the last year or two. Decent guy, but never wanted to talk about his past - nice to see what he got up too.


I've been looking for anything Hac related for a while on the web...this is the best I've found.




hello my people. yes i am back,keep on growing. R.I.P the badger

simon johnston


terese jensen!

ian curtis.. rest in peace! i fucking love the music!


anyone have any real people/northside demos?please email me at have loads of liverpool bands bootlegs


Is it true a cat was once awarded a fac nuumber


Response for Nash: Yes. Check out the kitty in question on the fac 51 page.

the blackpool connection

Tunnelvision have reformed after a break (22 years).......


great site cheers from toronto

Dave Mellon

Good to see a 'top' site devoted to all things Factory. Was born and bred in Stockport, but now live in New York City. Being 31 years old now, I often think back to the old days at the Hacienda in the late 80's and early 90's when I changed for a young lad into a mad bastard. It's true what they say "you miss the things most when they've gone"....I've got loads of Factory stuff stored in the attic and should dust em' off (eg flyers, promo records, CD's and dats) and me mate cleared out the old offices on Palatine Rd when they decided to move to the swanky office that then later became Paradise Factory. Anyway, long live Tony Wilson - you were'nt such a complete Twat....just a twat some of the time !

paul brencher

the best nights of my life were spent at the hac fri and sat,i sure miss them !

gilles frappier



Love the site.Amateur night in the Big top is the album of the year.It could have only come from Shaun Ryder.put the headphones on and dig into those words-some of the finest written.




yes amateur night in the big top.bring it on.where is's a classic album.

Gara Gambini

You never sold out. Thats all that counts. Will we ever see the likes of it again?

Louise Macaulay

Some really cool **** notch gear....wish there was stuff this hot in Canada


finally found decent fac. website! [11.01.04]


Great website. A must for all New Order, Hacienda and Factory Record fans. Keep up the good work. [21.01.04]

The Don


Neil Matthews

Can we have more pictures of the Hacienda


im your fan

steve p

Mr Wilson, your vision brought house music to england - how the fuck did you manage to not start Factory House, of Factory Dance? it would of saved Factory! What do we get instead? Factory fuckin CLASSICAL! [26.01.04]

DJ.Neu! (From Turkey/Istanbul)

Hello, we had a 24 Hour Party People here in Istanbul.It was in last saturday. 250 people joined the party by the way there was very very cold and very snowy here at that date but people was in the party!:) [29.01.04]


Long gone,but never forgot! [29.01.04]


Worked on amateur night and Just finished a track by Bez and Shaun Ryder called "Rattle". also got some great new stuff by Shaun. [04.02.04]


1987 to the end.. still getting flashbacks.alphonse/kipper and the rest of the crowd.crazy times.< [11.02.04]



Little Anthony, Andrea and Jane, posh Simon and his even posher mate nick, all the corbieres crew, everyone who got stoned in the cocktail bar (upstairs} not forgettin the chef HELLO!! [19.02.04]

Robert Baldwin

My band Chevisance will rock Manchester once again!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of all the silly music and put some funky tunes and manchester back on the map!!!!! Great site. [20.02.04]

darrell simpson

top site!!!

darrell simpson

top site pleasure to view

Sale Red

Mega Site! [27.02.04]

Anthony Farthing

I love your site! Factory was the unltimate label art became before comerce, which is what led to its demise. A glorious chapter in British music. God bless Mr Wilson [27.02.04]

manfred reckers

for me you are the greatest - E V E R - can we find a way that you listen to my music [05.03.04]

Low Lifer

Dear Cherys during the 80s I was givev a red factory badge in exchange for drugs by a member of the Stockholm Monsters he said they were only given to Factory artist, and when I was seen wearing it a number of factory associates asked me what I was doing with it, basically is it worth owt? [17.03.04]


Message for Low Lifer: An interesting tale about the badge! Not sure quite which one it is you have (Fac 21 or Fac 120) but it should be worth a fair few quid (50+?).


It is sad that this is all that remains, I spent many a night when it was nearly empty, and left Manchester in '85.... [22.01.04]

Hi from Greece, great work here! Could you tell me please if there is any possibility to order Factory T-SHIRTS? [27.03.04]


its hard to believe what an impact the manchester music scene has left on this little south texas girl...but i dont consider it a scene....scenes, like in plays get broken down...manchester music is one of my personal great wonders of the world... [31.03.04]

Glenn Routledge

Hello from uncredited designer of 2nd Birthday Poster, and many more posters, leaflets, badges, rock labels, Hacienda Newsletters [thanks to Ginger!] all Temperance Club publicity, etc etc ... oh and worked in the club too, for years! Had tons of fun. [08.04.04]


Most excellent site, keep up the great Durutti Column coverage. Vini please come to the states! [13.04.04]


very good site. nice to be kept up to date about acr [13.04.04]


top site... many fine linx too! brought back many fond memorys of sweaty nights with a couple o'thousand new friends... Top!! [23.04.04]



Steven C. Aldridge (aka DJnr8 + Whistles&Belles)

someone PLEASE do a DVD release of these ICON Videos!!! [09.05.04]

Alain Mombled

Your site is very interesting, i can see what i have well-known between 1979-1988, the factory records is the most important factory of records for me because many groups today make and remake the same music but where are the elegant and originally music of a certain ratio, Quando Quango, section 25 and ect... [11.05.04]

Bowers there

wot a load of bull

Andy King

''Wonderful, Wonderful times'' [19.05.04]



bobby langley

top site. [31.05.04]

jonathan szwajkos brooklyn,ny

perfect kiss is still amazing after all these years. [31.05.04]

the blackpool connection 2004.

Tunnelvision have now completed their two-song demo..Pompeii and Psychopath....Now gigs are being planned...Stay tuned.


TONY WILSON DJS for 1st time with Shaun Ryder at GETLOADED JULY 1st Turnmills - for more info ( messageboard) [13.12.04]

Jane Rupert

I organized and worked on the "From Manchester with Love" Hacienda DJ tour in 1989 from New York. It's good to still see so much of the Factory/Hacienda designs and projects, etc. Glad this site exists. [15.06.04]

Stuart Hatfield

SNUB TV 2 UK video 14 tracks inc. the Fall, Happy Mondays, ACR. 15

funky munky

Silent Partners featuring Dermo Ex Northside , will be playing, Night and Day, Manchester. 0161-236-4597 on July 10th. Go to, or, e mail

funky munky

Check out, Silent Partners, Dermo's new band.........

Benji O'Connor

my inspiration, i am eternally grateful to factory and employees over the years THANK YOU.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WILL SOMEONE HELP! I am trying to track down a copy of the BBC Three documentary called Shaun Ryder - The ecstasy and the agony. It was aired about 2 months ago and I am desperate to get a copy for my brother for his birthday. If anyone recorded it please let me know, I am willing to pay for a copy and of course the delivery. ANY questions drop me an email [28.06.04]

Glenn 'Scully' Scullion (Bridewell Taxis)

Excellent website - Informative with good background research carried out.

Glenn 'Scully' Scullion (Bridewell Taxis)

1st visited Hacienda around 1985/86 with Scotty (Bass) - Remember eating burger & chips in the cafe area listening to Swing Out Sister - Played there a few times - Remember once getting 'Knocked back' & still made it back to the Warehouse in Leeds (Our Hacienda!) for the last hour!! [14.07.04]


I have an old hacienda badge that isn't on your site. It is blue and yellow with fac51 on it and it was worn by the staff when the club first opened

Jay D

Factory and Tony Wilson deserve all the repect you can possibly force yourself to have but the times have changed people, it needs to be adressed once again. Wilson created Factory on top of a music industry which was refusing the talent of some of what we now see as the greats. Wilson overthrew them by allowing the "punk" acts to have a label that didnt "label" them. But look outside people the industry is collapsing again. theres some awsome bands still being created out there but the industry is more interested in funding Beyonce and two bit vocalists simply put in the public eye because of there great body or nice tits. wrong. Wilson taught us all a lot. don't let them win for fucks sake band together. Bands "band" together, great music is never a rival for great music. [20.07.04]

Laura Marr

I love Durutti Column. Thank you Vini!! [24.07.04]

funky munky

Check out SILENT PARTNERS the new band featuring ex Northside frontman Dermo. Supporting Happy Mondays, 22nd August, Clapham Common.In the Get Loaded tent. Peace......... [25.07.04]

dave eaton

I have great memories and photos from early days including pics of inside russel club, bruce mitchels extending arms and much more ! [30.07.04]

Low Lifer

Re fac badge: It is Fac 120. Thanks for the info 50!! is that all. Mind you it only cost me a couple of smokesworth! [05.08.04]

jenika lamont

In 1984 i went to see 52nd street play at the hacienda, they did a song called the rap.That was the nite when i was born. The bass player did the best bass solo that i ever seen, not seen anything like it since. The next day i bought a bass from a1 music, still not as good as him but i keep trying. so i want to say thank you derek johnson you are the man. [09.08.04]

Henrique Homrich - Porto Alegre - Brazil

Thanks for his site, the history and the music of the Factory live! [16.08.04]

Ian (Tunnelvision)

Thanks for attending our gig at the recent Summerdaze Festival in St.Annes! Glad you enjoyed it. We are all fired up again after quite a few years away...! We are in the process of arranging further concerts and new recordings... Thanks again, John. [23.08.04]

David C Trainor

Liked it a little too much, forty on the 29.12.04 worked at the Hac for a few years, year 9 onwards after the troubles aka Mr Anderton. But nice the remember wish there was a place and a time to make new memories.<< [25.08.04]


your coding of the page so that no-one can go back from where they came is pretty shite, and will mean that I (and countless others before me) will never venture to this site again!! [27.08.04]


did the hacienda reunion at sankeys 280804. brought back quite a lot of memories. the main one being mike pickering still can't mix two tracks on 1210's. graeme sorted that out tho. couldn't believe how many of the old school had sent there kids out instead. a bit dissapointing on that part. only saw a handfull of old faces in crowd, two of them being park and pickering. any how still enjoyed rocking away to some of the best tunes still around. maybe if they throw another party, they could advertise on this site. i'll give it a 7/10 for the tunes alone. [31.08.04]

emin from kosova

i am a big fan of manchester scene my favorites are the stone roses, 808 state, joy division and the charlatans uk. Hacienda was for me the best club in the world. I never gonna forget the acid house, techno and rave dj's and the atmosphere from 1988 until 1992 [08.09.04]

independent record company interest required?

Great site! Can any one assist? I am after a word with any independent record company, or possible contact details. I have at present 4 tracks and a young male singer who has massive potential. I would like to gain opinions on a project I have in mind involving the publishing of original material and the promotion of a demo album or possible publishing contract. The artist I am currently working with is without a doubt talentented with a strong voice. I write the material and feel it is of a high enough standard to be pursued further. My number is 07813293490. The following statment is true, Barring the the last paragraph. This fairy tail needs conmpleting... can you help? On wednesday 25th August I hummed a tune and wrote some lyrics, I rang guitarist Jamie (aka Drop Science) who proceeded to write the guitar solo. Phil (also of Drop Science) added additional vocals. Latch a Sound Engineer at Tuff Gong Studioplex, Warrington produced the track incredibley just 5 days later. The single "You Knew". Upon completion was e-mailed to an independent record company, which was then accepted for a forthcoming compilation album the following Wednesday!!!!! any assistence are interest will receive a response. visit my website to leave details or mail [11.09.04]

Peter Saxtorph

I visited your website at septemper 17., trying to find a newsletterlist I could sign in to. [17.09.04]


top job


top site mate, excellent info on all things FAC and that, SP's in the area, was there the other nite at the bar, green jacket..friend of Dermo's, hopefully getting him a gig at Oldham Castle, let you know when i do if you dont mind puttin up the info..nice1

kev fawcett

great times ,,,i live in derbyshire now its poo [23.09.04]


Excellent site - The best Factory resource anywhere - ever!!! Keep up the great work John - Iain [24.09.04]

robert b parkinson

i was there... lcd soundsystem have a lot to answer for... james boardwalk gig 1989..1st week at uni giving people the guided tour 1990..going past on the train to see james in blackpool reading nme "hacienda that" and it really was... 1992..laughing at the fcukwits in the queue then going to the City Road for a pint and then onto Boardwalk or PSV. It's all cyclical innit? R0b

kevin conway


kevin conway

Sorry forgot to make a comment 1st time. Great site. Lots of info everything you want to know. Good to see the ACR back catologue being reissued. Funky. [26.09.04]

mr david rhodes

greatest label for ever, been part of my life for many years, 86 palatine rd week in week out for many years, great love of my life ................vini still the best. [26.09.04]

Paul Anderson

Keep up the good work, I really enjoy the art it's amazing [01.10.04]

Ang Matthews

Brilliant site - really interesting looking back. [08.10.04]


Fantastically detailed site - lot of love and effort must go into this. Why don't you set up a proper forum rather than a guestbook - would be great to have ongoing dicussions about Factory/Hacienda etc etc? [13.10.04]

Mark Kamins

Thank all of you, for keeping the magic alive. [21.10.04]

Dermo (ex Northside)

I found this site to be most helpful and expertly written. Cerysmatic is a must for anyone with an interest in anything Factory related. Keep up the good work. Dermo.......SP [21.10.04]

Oliver Wood

Ah yes back in the day when Manchester ruled the world, I remember it well!! This has to be the best Fac site on the web and it keeps on living the dream. If only we could get back to a unique and genuinely creative vibe. Those days are gone for good and I fear the city has now become too bourgeois and MOR, a bland clean-cut commercial less. [21.10.04]


Message for Jim and everyone else. Watch this space for the new Cerysmatic Factory Forum. [23.10.04]


Ian curtis rest in peace [WHY] [24.10.04]

tim sinclair

hello! being an old git of 42, i joined the hacienda on the second saturday it was open in 1982! - still got orig badge and application form etc. what i'm after is a photo of madonna when she played there in 1984 - i'ts usually in black and white and has her dancing with a pillar behind her - i can see the top of my (then full) head just behind her! please, if anyone has a copy cold you e-mail it to me at: because none of the 'youth' i work with believe me! cheers! ace site, by the way! love & bleakness, tim sinclair