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Factory Too Summer 1995; press advertising
Factory Too Summer 1995; press advertising


Factory Too

Summer 1995

July 3rd Fac(d) 2.05, 'Wasted', Hopper. 7" & CD
July 5th Fac 2.07, Factory web site, http://www.u-net.com/factory
July 17th Facd(mc) 2.06, 'The Sixths, Wasps Nests', Stephen Merritt. CD & Cassette
July 17th Fac(d) 2.02, 'A Factory sample too', East-West Coast/The Orch/Italian Love Party/K-Track. Double gatefold 7" & CD
July 24th Fac 2.12 'A Taste of the label', the Factory sampler live at the Haçienda; advance tickets £4
August 14th Facdr 2.11 'Sex and Death', The Durutti Column CD-ROM

Distributed by Pinnacle, these are Factory products too, from Manchester, England

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Press advertising setting out Factory Too's Summer 1995 schedule. Appeared in NME 15 July 1995 (page 63). The same issue had a full page ad for the New Order 'Blue Monday 95' ('Montag' artwork). Note that image is rotated on this page for reasons of legibility. Thanks to OMNY for media and info.