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FACD 420 Yes Please!; front cover detail
FACD 420 Yes Please!; front cover detail

Release date

October 1992


CD (FACD 420), LP (Fact 420), Cassette (Fact 420c)


Stinkin Thinkin
Monkey In The Family
Sunshine & Love
Cut 'em Loose Bruce
Theme From Netto
Love Child
Total Ringo
Cowboy Dave


Produced by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth
Artwork by Central Station Design

(P) + © 1992 Factory Records

FACD 420

- -

The very difficult last album. Factory sent the band to Barbados to record it in an attempt to keep them away from drugs. Unfortunately there were copious amounts of drugs on the island. The song 'Cowboy Dave' is a reference to the late Dave Rowbotham who was murdered in an axe attack.