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Fac 51 The Hacienda - Beautiful 2000; fanzine #1 front cover
Fac 51 The Hacienda - Beautiful 2000; fanzine #1 front cover

distinguishing features

[from Beautiful 2000 fanzine issue #1]

David Knopov is Liverpool's finest graphic designer. Ink just fresh from creating a look for The Wendys, he has agreed to grace both BEAUTIFUL 2000 - THE NIGHT with his hoovers in slide projection form, and BEAUTIFUL 2000 - THE FANZINE with some answers to some questions.

Why does Beautiful 2000 need a hoover?
To clean up the Hacienda's act.
Do you have formal qualifications In art?
A degree from Liverpool Poly - entrance to which was scraped by means of a dirty joke and a book of cartoons.
How do you price your works of art for sale?
Means testing. People pay what they can, or what they think the piece is worth.
Favourite artists?
Robert Crumb, Central Station Design and (surprise surprise), Andy Warhol.
Virgo. This means I attempt perfection in everything, and never succeed. Working on computers is great because I can make them ego wrong' to order.
Beautiful Sounds?
Anything and everything. Particularly Zappa and Sinatra - and Perfectly Frank (who?)..
What will you be doing in the year 2000?
How many years to go? Oh my God..

Beautiful 2000 sign off-


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Rebecca Goodwin and Murray Healy did the covers for the Beautiful 2000, based initially on Knopov's Hoover graphic for the night. Thanks to Rebecca for the fanzines.