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Wim Mertens (® Piet Goethals)
Wim Mertens (® Piet Goethals)

Cerysmatic Factory is proud to present an exclusive and very rare interview by Brandon Spivey with the Belgian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Wim Mertens. Recorded in Bruxelles, Belgium on 29 August 2012 the interview covers in depth the origins of Wim Mertens's music, his musical education, style, influences, philosophy and recording techniques.


Sound recording - Laszlo Umbreit, Bruxelles

Recorded at Usura, Bruxelles

Interviewer - Brandon Spivey

Wim Mertens Interviewed for the Cerysmatic Factory website
29 August 2012

Credits for music by Wim Mertens used with permission in interview

- In.Zones
- Hirose
- Faith
- Naviamente

All music composed by Wim Mertens
© Usura 2012. Published by Usura


Cerysmatic Factory would like to thank the following people, without whom the interview would not have happened:

Brandon Spivey for conceiving, planning, conducting, mastering and editing.

Laszlo Umbreit for the pin-sharp sound recording.

Paul Pledger - Additional questions / Executive Consultant

Finally a huge thank you to Wim Mertens and Chusa for graciously agreeing to the interview and giving up their time.


More Wim Mertens info at www.wimmertens.be.


Listen to The Interview [via Soundcloud]

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Wim Mertens (® Usura)
Wim Mertens (® Usura)