Factory Records: FAC 401 '24 Hour Party People'


Design: CENTRAL STATION TECHNICOLOUR [Titles and end-credits]

Notes: The number appears on the press releases & stationery.

Also allocated to a yellow and black gatefold promo 12" (see below), with printed inner sleeve, for the film. It contains tracks from the film soundtrack and was given away to the film's cast and crew, and at the MIFED festival in milan, to promote distribution of the film.

Related materials include a set of 3 "character" posters ('Genius' [Sean Harris as Ian Curtis], 'Twat' [Steve Coogan as Anthony H. Wilson], 'Poet' [Danny Cunningham as Shaun Ryder]); the soundtrack; the New Order 'Here to Stay' single; a limited edition PETER SAVILLE-designed "monkey" t-shirt for Paul Smith; a promotional Ben Sherman t-shirt (white 24HPP logo on dark grey shirt); and pre-release stickers.

See also FAC 424, FACDVD 424, FAC 433 and FAC 451 [Hacienda set] and FAC 451 [JANE STANTON documentary].

12": UK 2002 (Factory FAC 401) */**

3:25 JOY DIVISION - Love Will Tear Us Apart
4:38 HAPPY MONDAYS - 24 Hour Party People
6:28 HAPPY MONDAYS - Hallelujah (Oakenfold mix)
7:29 NEW ORDER - Blue Monday

~ fac 004

* Custom inner and outer sleeves.
** This is the 12" (and outer sleeve) that appears on the "Sleeve Notes" menu screen of the FAC424 DVD.

Production: See individual releases

Design: n/a

Notes: Edition of 200; issued to the cast and crew on the movie.

FAC 401 '24 Hour Party People'

FAC 401 '24 Hour Party People'