Factory Records: FAC 318 Flying Start exhibition Stand


Notes: A Factory artwork exhibition associated with the Granada TV programme AHW presented. This catalogue number was also applied to a Factory Classical showcase event (See FAC 318 Classics in Motion & FAC 286)

The show is described as "Business enterprise competition, in which local businesses and businessmen present their ideas for new products and services to a panel of judges, and compete to win a top prize of £25,000." at the Film and Television Database.

David Nolan, in his book You're Entitled To An Opinion..., explains more about what Flying Start was:

The day the news broke about Factory, Tony was at work at Granada recording one of his favourite shows; one whose message he could have done well to heed.

Flying Start was a studio-based teatime programme that was a forerunner of the kind of business-related TV shows that are common currency today. It was a competition to find successful North West businesses. Tony always lobbied for Flying Start to be recommissioned every time a series came to an end. 'He got the value of the entrepreneur to our society way before it became fashionable,' says Granada's David Liddiment. 'That's a little bit of Granada and an awful lot of him.'

Tony's Granada colleague Rob McLoughlin: 'Just look at a show like Flying Start. Trying to make business sexy and connect with people. He was totally committed to it. Before The Apprentice and Dragons' Den, when did you ever hear anyone talking about cash flow and business plan? Mind you he should have taken some of his own advice...'

In every episode, Flying Start would have a guest from the business community to judge the entrants and their companies. One week the guest was Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson. After the recording, Branson, who was aware of Tony's work, took him to one side and gave him some advice: 'You know Tony, you'll never make money unless you focus....'

- extract copyright © David Nolan; used with permission

FAC 318 Flying Start exhibition Stand

FAC 318 Flying Start exhibition Stand