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Electronic - Facd 287 Get The Message; front cover detail
Electronic - Facd 287 Get The Message; front cover detail

Release date

April 1991

Formats, Tracklistings and Run-Out Grooves

7" [white label] [FAC 287/7], cassette [FAC 287C]

Get The Message (7" mix)*
Free Will (7" mix)

~ FAC-287/7-A1, TY2, Max
~ FAC-287/7-B1, TY2, Max

7" [FAC 287/7], 7" silver vinyl label [FAC 287/7]

Get The Message (7" mix)**
Free Will (7" mix)

~ FAC-287-7-A2, TY2, Max
~ FAC-287/7-B1 *, TY2, Max

12" [FAC 287], 12" white label [FAC 287]

Get The Message
Free Will

~ FAC-287-A1, TY2, Max
~ FAC-287-B1 *, TY2, Max

CD single [FACD 287]

Get The Message 7"*
Free Will 12"
Get The Message 12"

~ FACD 287 :. Mastered By Nimbus

7" [FAC 287R/7] [promo]

Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix Edit)
Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix Edit)

~ FAC-287 R7-A1, TY2, Max
~ FAC-287 R7-B1, TY2, Max

12" [FAC 287R] **, 12" white label [FAC 287R]

Get The Message (DNA Groove Mix)
Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix)

~ FAC-287 R-A1 *, Max
~ FAC-287 R-B1 *, Max

VHS [FAC 287] ****

Get The Message


Get The Message

Vocals and synthesisers by Bernard Sumner
Guitars, keyboards and programming by Johnny Marr
Thanks to Denise Johnson for vocals

Free Will

Vocals, synthesisers and programming by Bernard Sumner
Guitars and synthesisers by Johnny Marr
Additional programming by Andrew Robinson

Written and produced by Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr
Engineered by Owen Morris
Recorded and mixed at Clear Recordings
Artwork by Johnson/Panas
Licensed to Factory by Clear Productions Ltd.
Fac 287c

- -

*    - Electronic disapproved of this mix. Matrix states FAC 287/7 A1
**   - This is the only format with the Electronic-approved 7" mix. Matrix states FAC 287/7 A2
***  - Different artwork. "Packaged" at 3a (Mark Farrow).
**** - Directed by Martyn Atkins

There is also a small horizontal poster (20"x9") advertising this release (with the FAC 287 number), and a 40"60" poster to cover FAC 251. There are also 'Post-It' note pads: 'Electronic Get The Message', 'Factory', and the '2' all in blue on white paper-stock. German formats experimented with different colourways of the original Johnson/Panas artwork. Electronic possibly created a first when they performed the remix version of 'Get The Message' on Top of the Pops.

Fac 287 Electronic 'Get The Message' Post-It Notes
Fac 287 Electronic 'Get The Message' Post-It Notes
Electronic - Fac 287c Get The Message; cassette inlay
Electronic - Fac 287c Get The Message, cassette single