Factory Records: R1-M15 RAW-T Switch/Ego

12/04 AND 3/05 (DL)

12": UK 2004 (F4 Records R1-M15) *
DL: UK 2005 (F4 Records) **

2:09 Switch
4:38 Ego ***

~ The Beginning 59020M1/A
~ 59020M2/A

* Stickered "chipboard" sleeve.
** Digital download available as a 2-track package.
*** The F4 Records press release lists the b-side as "Intro" but "Ego" is correct.


Design: A2 DESIGN CO (JAY)

Notes: The first release on F4. (Touted as "promo only".)

RAW-T (Realise And Witness Talent): Solja, Dreade, Mack D, Little G (MCs ); DT (Beats);-Flair, DJ Que (DJs). Sticker artwork based on a painting by Tigz at T-Productions.

Additional: RAW-T

R1-M15 RAW-T Switch/Ego

R1-M15 RAW-T Switch/Ego