Erstwhile head honcho of Factory Australasia.

"PAUL GARDINER knew the CEO of EMI Australia really well and he was sure he could get us a deal. So we had a think about what we could release. One of the writers for Rolling Stone, Bruce Elder, was living in the UK and we'd catch-up whenever he was in Sydney. We ran the idea past him and he brought on-board another Australian in the UK, Arnold Frollows, who had just finished working for Virgin. He joined the dots for us and soon we were in contact with Geoff Travis at Rough Trade and Daniel Miller at Mute. We came close to a deal Korova but lost them to Warners. Rough Trade came on-board and we also did something with Mute.

"Arnold got in touch with Tony Wilson to licence Factory. Tony said speak to Rob Gretton because he handled that side of things. Rob was very laid-back and said 'Maybe'. I don't know what convinced them but we did the deal. We didn't know what we were doing – we just liked the music. In the end we did the deal and paid them an advance.

'But it was really weird – Paul got $10,000, I got $10,000 from my then mother-in-law. Then Paul got another $10,000 from his wife's ex-husband who was a brain surgeon. We pulled together $30,000 and set up GAP (Gardiner and Penhallow)."

- extract from interview in Scream City fanzine by MATTHEW ROBERTSON.

Factory Records: ANDREW PENHALLOW<

Factory Records: ANDREW PENHALLOW<