Factory Records: FAC 51 The Hacienda




Notes 1: Factory's Club at 11/13 Whitworth Street West, Manchester. Opened May 21st 1982. Closed (permanently) June 1997. (Demolished 18 months later to make way for a 'Hacienda' apartment complex. See auction list below.)

Formerly the International Yacht Showroom, The Hacienda was built at a budget of somewhere between £200,000 and £350,000. By the time of the first anniversary celebration, it was rumoured to be £1,000,000 in debt.

Notes 2:

2 badges (blue/yellow ~ 1983 and black/red ~ 1986) bear this number. Other badges include 'Temperance Club' (x2), 'Zumbar', 'Void', 'Monday Club', et al. Hacienda membership cards (blue/yellow/silver) also carry this number. 6,000 manufactured in early 1982. 2,000 were embossed with names and numbers. (Hacienda membership forms have matching graphics.) A blue slip cardholder was developed to resell cards at FAC 281. (Credit card-style memberships were also issued for Nude [orange/yellow/black] and Saturday nights ["Ç", black/silver-gray.)

Factory designers 8VO, JOHNSON/PANAS and JOHN MACKLIN are among those that created logos and identities for various promotions.

Numerous additional items include: Flyers & invitations (incl. Christmas, annual "Birthday"/anniversary events, etc.), posters, tickets, cards, matches, t-shirts, flags and various staff shirts. The 5th anniversary items include a triptych poster set (100 x 200 cm), and matching invitation.

The 10th anniversary items include flyers & posters for multiple events (DJs, fashion show, etc.). The 15th anniversary items include posters & t-shirts.

There was also a custom postage cancellation (with the 'FAC 51, The Hacienda' logo); used for mailings.

The Hacienda Auction was held on Saturday, November 20, 2000, at the Richard Conrad Building in Manchester, UK. (The official website was at www.hacauction.com) All proceeds were donated to Manchester youth charities. There was a main auction where large or collectible items were put under the hammer; running alongside was a small 'shop' where odd and ends were sold for nominal sums.

The following comprises the full list of items that were up for sale at the Hacienda Auction:

1 Disc Jockey Booth
8 Central Supporting Steel Columns (RSJs), Hazard Stripe Design
10 Pieces of 1 sq. m. of Dancefloor, Cleaned, Sanded, Varnished and Mounted on 18mm Timber
5 Pieces of Stage Floor, Cleaned and Mounted on 18mm Timber
1 Changing Room
1 Sound Engineer/Light Operator Booth
1 Kim Philby Bar
1 First Floor Can Bar
1 Section of Banquette Seating
1 'Ruined' Arch (entrance to upstairs can bar)
1 Arch to Dancefloor Area
2 Feature Columns Adjacent to Arch (sold as one lot)
Various Sections of Stage
Various Sections of Stage Surround in Black and White Hazard Stripes
Various Sections of Banquette Seating from Mondays' Corner
1 Handprint and Signature, set in concrete - signed 'Tony 94'
1 Handprint and Signature, set in concrete - signed 'Hooky 94'
Various Bundles of Fluorescent Wall Light Fittings
Various Bundles of Electrical Components and Light Fittings
3 Blue and Red External Perimeter Light
5 Black and Yellow Acoustic Baffles
3 Pallet of 200 Mixed Green, Blue and Red Glazed Exterior Bricks
3 Pallet of 200 Plain Bricks
4 Section of Balcony Balustrade
Various Stainless Steel Sanitaryware from Toilets
Various Lavatory Doors
4 TV Monitors
1 Cash Register
1 Drinks Purchase Book
6 Victorian Radiators in Hacienda and Roundhouse
Various Toilet Mirrors Bar Fixtures and Fittings
1 Pay Telephone
Various Speaker Supports
Sale Items
Loose Dancefloor Strips
Green, Blue and Red Glazed Exterior Bricks

Note: Certificates of authenticity were provided for all items.

Technical note: Haçienda is written as Hacienda

FAC 51 The Hacienda

FAC 51 The Hacienda