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Testament (Best Of) FBN 95; front cover detail
Testament (Best Of) FBN 95; front cover detail

Release date

8 September 2014

Factory Benelux presents Testament, a comprehensive 'best of' collection by influential Scottish group The Wake, including tracks recorded for cult labels Factory and Sarah Records.

Testament combines key album tracks with popular singles including On Our Honeymoon, Something Outside, Talk About the Past, Of the Matter and Crush the Flowers. Also included are a previously unreleased 7" edit of Pale Spectre, and (on the CD only) 2012 outtake Clouds Disco. The vinyl edition includes a 54 minute bonus CD featuring 21 early live and demo recordings from 1981/82, preserved in the tape archive of Joy Division/New Order manager Rob Gretton. Among these priceless lost recordings are 7 songs never before heard even on bootlegs.

The artwork for Testament is based on the artwork for an unreleased cassette edition of Here Comes Everybody, designed by Peter Saville.



1. On Our Honeymoon
2. Favour
3. Heartburn
4. Something Outside
5. Talk About the Past
6. O Pamela
7. Melancholy Man
8. Here Comes Everybody
9. Of the Matter
10. Gruesome Castle
11. Pale Spectre
12. Crush the Flowers
13. Firestone Tyres
14. A Light Far Out
15. Clouds Disco

FBN 95 vinyl

A1. On Our Honeymoon
A2. Favour
A3. Something Outside
A4. Talk About the Past
A5. O Pamela
B1. Melancholy Man
B2. Of the Matter
B3. Pale Spectre
B4. Crush the Flowers
B5. Methodist


Bonus CD with vinyl

1. Move With the Times
2. Communion
3. No More Green Space
4. Move With the Times (Reprise)
5. Move With the Times
6. Cold Home
7. Communion
8. No More Green Space
9. Patrol
10. Give Up
11. Careering
12. Favour
13. Cold Home
14. Forced to Think
15. Patrol
16. Give Up
17. Move With the Times
18. An Immaculate Conception
19. Chance
20. Judas
21. Company