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"We don't want a bio written by somebody in an office who hasn't even met us. We don't want to tell you how great the music is or how it speaks for itself. It doesn't. We come from Manchester but we're not going to bore you with the history or sing from the terraces how the North will rise again. We've got our passports stamped already. We were asked to write a biography or if needed, make something up. We don't think that we have to. We've released two singles, though you probably hadn't noticed. We started in 1994. While other bands spent their dole cheques on demo tapes and rehearsals, we used to book hotel rooms under pseudonyms, listen to tunes through a ghetto blaster, drink brandy all night and smoke, run riot through the corridors annoying all the neighbours until they kindly threw us out without paying."
- extract from band-written biography circa 1996