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Scream City (or My cat's Eric if you prefer) is a new fanzine devoted to Manchester music, arts, books and that ubiquitous catch-all "popular culture". Born during a eureka moment in the margins of a boring meeting, its aim is to inform, entertain and to not to have me do all the writing for once. To that end I am eternally grateful to the many people I have hassled and bribed (but mainly just hassled) to let me have new and different bits of writing.
Some truths about Scream City
i. It is an old school fanzine and is made from paper, ink and staples.
ii. It contains [gasp] stuff about Factory Records; but it also contains other stuff.
iii. It isn't "Cerysmatic Factory online" (although you can buy it via [2019 update - no you can't, Ed.]
Some untruths about Scream City
i. Selling it will make me rich.
ii. Er.
iii. That's it.
Happy reading!
John Cooper (Editor)
Many thanks to Chris Amies, Matt Carroll, Amy Cooper, Kevin Cummins, John Doyle, Steven Hankinson, Andrew James, Moist, Aloysius Munn @ Hey Asda!, David Nolan, the Nuits Sonores team, Ravello for coffee, Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, Paul Stolper & Anthony Wilson. Without whom etc.
Respect and thanks to those who got there first: City Fun, Debris, Halcyon Daze, Freaky Dancin', Paradise
Scream City. February 2006. Published by John Cooper.