Factory Records and related

Factory Benelux [Official]
Les Disques du Crépuscule [Official]
The Factory Records Catalogue | FAC Numbers Master Discography
Factory Communications (Rhino) Twitter | Instagram | YouTube
Unofficial Factory Records Website Discography (v7.0)
The Crépuscule and Factory Pages [new address]
Factory Image Banque
A Factory Overseas Unofficial Discography [Canadian and Australian releases]
www.factoryrecords.net [FAC 421]
LTM Recordings
Sordide Sentimental

Lest we forget: Factory Records Limited and F4 Records - both sites no longer exist and are not accessible via the Internet Archive


My cat's Eric (a Cerysmatic companion Tumblr)

Control - The Movie

The launch press conference

BBC News
The Guardian
The Independent
Aidan O'Rourke

FAC 51 The Hacienda

fac51thehacienda.com [Official site with Hacienda / Hacienda Records / Peter Hook news]
www.thehaciendamustbebuilt.co.uk [Official Hacienda store selling books, CDs and more]

24 Hour Party People movie

Official site down - archived versions may be available but be aware of later cached versions]
More 24 Hour Party People links

Tony Wilson

JourneyBoy's Final Thoughts on Tony Wilson

Central Station Design

Central Station Design
Central Station Art

Mark Farrow

Farrow Design

Ben Kelly

Ben Kelly Design


Hamish Muir: Graphic Designer/Founding Principal 8vo/Editor Octavo [official site]
HND Typographic Design Lecture Series notes [pdf, 10.5Kb]
MuirMcNeil Design Systems [Hamish Muir side project]
Outcast Editions [Hamish Muir Art Director]
Mark Holt Design
Hallowed Articles [record label co-founded with Mark Holt's nephew]
Simon Johnston Design
8vo dedicated site [unofficial, site down, archived versions may be available]

Peter Saville

Peter Saville [under construction]
Saville Parris Wakefield
Paul Stolper [official Peter Saville artwork for sale]
Sleeve Designed By Peter Saville [fan site by Tosq]
Peter Saville Graphic Design [fan site by David Costello]
Factory Graphics [fan site by Oliver Wood]
Peter Saville [fan site by Lieve]
Imon: Peter Saville
Design Museum page
Perfect Stylistic Attitude [interview with James Nice]
Showstudio biography
More links

One of the most frequently asked questions ever on Cerysmatic Factory is "Where can I buy original / reproduction Peter Saville prints / posters?"

For repro and original works try searching for "Peter Saville" on eBay. Also, try Vinyl Revival (eBay seller id = northatitsheight).

Try Paul Stolper for official Saville limited edition prints and other works.

Tom Skipp


New Wave Photos by Phillippe Carly [many photos of Factory artists]
Eugene Merinov Photography [New Order live]
Aidan O'Rourke [many Factory/Haçienda/Manchester photos]
Ian Tilton [inc many Haçienda and Madchester photos]
Peter Walsh [FAC, Haç, Manchester, Film and TV]
Stephen Wright [The Smiths]

Booking Agency

www.brave-music-agency.co.uk [taking bookings for DJ sets by Mani, Peter Hook, Mike Joyce, Clint Boon, Leo B Stanley and Tom Hingley plus bands including Re:Order (New Order tribute), The Complete Stone Roses (Stone Roses tribute), Vinny Peculiar and Tom Hingley & The Lovers. Also agent for music photographers Ian Tilton (Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Fac 51) and Stephen Wright (The Smiths, James, The Fall)]

Manchester and all things related

Manchester District Music Archive
Manchester International Festival
Manchester Music and the highly amusing FAC 191 story
Manchester Musicians Collective
Pride of Manchester
Manchester Online
BBC - Manchester - Entertainment
Manchester Community Forum [forum for discussing all aspects of Manchester life, local issues, history, nightlife, events, activities, etc]
24HourPartyPeople.com - Madchester Music

Record shops and online stores

Vinyl Revival, 5 Hilton Street, Manchester, M4 1LP; [great record shop with some Factory specialities including T-shirts]
Vinyl Exchange, 18 Oldham Street, Manchester [second hand shop]
Piccadilly Records, Smithfield Buildings, 51 Oldham St [new and used records]


All Star Collectibles [UK online retailers of collectible memorabilia & classic old school retro fashion clothing]

Factoryesque sites

Flipside Flipside Reviews
FAC ABC [Tumblr - an illustrated guide to the A-Z of Factory]
Jon Savage - jonsavage.com
A New Order Fan Blog [Mick A New Order Fan]
DenseMedia Domain [Stuart Argabright's blog]
Unknown Pleasures
Racket Racket

Other blogs

Irk The Purists
We Love All That
Tarquin Live - a selection of live recordings
Jude Calvert-Toulmin
Angry Robot [closed, but open] and MinimalRobot
halvorsen.org - halvard halvorsen's weblog
DJ Martian
Shallow Rewards [by Chris Ott, author of '33 1/3: Unknown Pleasures']
DJ Zozo
los amigos de durutti

52nd Street

52nd Street / Cool Down Zone
Facebook group

The 6ths / Sixths

Biography on The House of Tomorrow [official Magnetic Fields / Future Bible Heroes / Gothic Archies site]
Review of Hyacinths and Thistles


Discography on clearfour.com site
Adam J Short's brief description

A Certain Ratio

Official site [updated]
ACR Gigography [Official, relaunched May 2018]
ACR Yahoo Groups Discussion Forum
Twenty Four Hours [Official Site, currently down but archived versions may be available]
Jez Kerr (Official)

Adventure Babies

adbabs.com [official site]
MySpace [official site]
PopNews.com site (French/English)
Jez Bramwell on Twitter

Anna Domino

LTM biography and catalogue
Official site [Internet Archive accessible only]

Biting Tongues

Official site
Graham Massey's MySpace
Discography from official 808 State site
Tool Shed [official site of Graham Massey's band]
Ken Hollings [Official]
Ken Hollings's blog [Official]

Blurt (Ted Milton)

Official site

Cabaret Voltaire


Cath Carroll

Official site [site down - Dec 2012]
LTM's Cath Carroll / Miaow catalogue and biography

Crawling Chaos

Frank Brinkhuis's discography

Crispy Ambulance

Official site [down, but archived versions may be available]
LTM catalogue and biography

Karl Denver

Obituary from The Guardian newspaper

The Distractions

Official Website
Official Twitter
Acute Records biography [Internet Archive]

Anna Domino

annadomino.com [Official]

John Dowie

Official site
Biography page on John Eley site

The Duke Quartet

The Duke Quartet [official site down but archived versions may be available]
John Metcalfe [official]

The Durutti Column

thedurutticolumn.com [Official]
The Durutti Column Gigography [Official]
(FAC 2.26) The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly [Official]
Yahoo! Groups : durutticolumn
Kooky Records
Kooky Records [MySpace]
Materiali Sonori
Inch Studio (Keir Stewart)
Inch Studio [MySpace]
John Metcalfe [Official]
Suddi Raval [Official] [remixer of FAC 284]


World In Motion
Feel Every Beat


Biography on Soul Jazz Records site


Official site

Graham Fitkin

Official site
Chamber Music 2000 biography
New Art Saxophone biography

Martin Hannett

The Martin Hannett Biography Project

Happy Mondays

Happy Mondays [Official]
A Happy Mondays Discography
The Happy Mondays and the Madchester Movement
The Best of Happy Mondays
One Louder [Internet Archive accessible only]
Happy Mondays [Internet Archive accessible only]
Happy Mondays DJ (Kav) MySpace [no longer updated]
Domino Bones official [site down, internet archive accessible only]

Kevin Hewick

Kevin Hewick official
Kevin Hewick's Wikipedia

Rolf Hind

Rolf Hind official
Arhus Sinfonietta biography
Clarion Seven Muses biography

Ike Yard

DenseMedia Domain [Stuart Argabright's blog]
Cerysmatic Factory Q&A with Stuart Argabright


Official site
OneOfTheThree.co.uk [Dave Brown's extensive fan site]

Joy Division

Joy Division: The Eternal
Joy Division Central
Joy Division Shadowplay
Shadowplay [LiveJournal; site no longer updated]
Ceremony [Internet Archive accessible only]
Atrocity Exhibition [site down]
World in Motion
Unknown Pleasures


Official site at Kin Records including biography [Internet Archive accessible only]

Kreisler String Orchestra

Listing of orchestra members

Caroline Lavelle

Official site

Steve Martland

Official site [site down but possibly accessible via the Internet Archive]
Biography on Hazard Chase site


History included on official Cath Carroll site

Wim Mertens

Official site

Minny Pops

Official site
Frank Brinkhuis's history and discography

The Names

The Names | thenames.be | Official
Frank Brinkhuis's biography
Rob Stanzel's discography

New Order

New Order Now [official]
New Order Web [fan site]
www.neworder.cc [site down]
www.neworder.mu [site down]
neworderweb.com [old official site] [Internet Archive accessible only]
Mick A New Order Fan's site
New Order Vikings MySpace
NOOL [New Order Online]
NEW Order Music [German language fan site]
World In Motion [Fac 441]
Ceremony [Internet Archive accessible]
Dennis Remmer's discography
Eugene Merinov Photography [New Order live]


Opalmusic product list
Dermo on Myspace
V Thirteen Facebook


Official site

The Other Two

Official site [site down, archived versions may be available]
World In Motion

Pleasure Crew

Adam J Short's brief description [Internet Archive accessible only]

Quando Quango

Spasmodique (features ex-Quando member)
Hillegonda Rietveld's MySpace
Interview with Hillegonda Rietveld on Pitch Adjust
Hillegonda Rietveld profile on UK-Dance
Quando Quango [MySpace fansite]

The Railway Children

Official site


Official site [site down] Archived versions may be available.


World In Motion

Rowetta (Happy Mondays)


The Royal Family and the Poor

Official site [down, but archived versions may be available]
Frank Brinkhuis's biography

Section 25

Official site [Revamped August 2010]
Alternate official site [still active but no longer updated]

Shark Vegas

Mark Reeder (MySpace)
Official site for Mark Reeder's 5.1 remix project

Space Monkeys

United Manchester
Sn@kebite Fanzine Interview

Stockholm Monsters

Official site [down, but archived versions may be available]

To Hell With Burgundy

Official site [via Internet Archive]


Official site [site down]
4M MySpace


OpenlyClassist.org.uk [lengthy article mentioning Vermorel]

The Wake

www.thewake.freeserve.co.uk [official site, no longer functioning but archived versions may be available]

The Wendys

Official site [site taken down except for holding page]
ArtPlastic MySpace
Original pages available via Internet Archive

The Young Offenders Institute

Official site [via Internet Archive]

23 Skidoo

Autumn Thieves
Official site

The Blue Orchids

Official site
www.dovesmusic.com [fan site - no longer regularly updated]

Dif Juz
Biography on theiceberg.com

Gabrielle's Wish
GABRIELLES WISH :: official site :: gabrielleswish.com

Gnac (Mark Tranmer)
Official site

Paul Haig

Heart and Soul Recordings [now-defunct label run by Martin Moscrop of ACR]
Official site [site down but partly accessible via Internet Archive]

Official site

Josef K
LTM biography and catalogue

Interview with Mahogany's Andrew Prinz on inkoma.com

United Manchester page

Montgolfier Brothers
Official site
Official page on Poptones website

New Fast Automatic Daffodils
Fan site

Blaine Reininger
Official site - MundoBlaineo

Sub Sub
Discogs.com page
Pride of Manchester page


Swing Out Sister
Official site


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Dodgers Cricket Club
Herneweb Cycling
Media Entertainment Recruitment
Liz Green Art