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Formed in 1980, Factory avant-funk outfit Swamp Children mutated into acclaimed latin jazz outfit Kalima, releasing four albums between 1986 and 2002.
The Swamp Children formed in Manchester early in 1980, the original line-up comprising Ann Quigley (vocals), Tony Quigley (sax and bass), John Kirkham (guitar), Ceri Evans (keyboards and bass), Cliff Saffer (sax) and Martin Moscrop (drums). For six months the new outfit practiced at a rehearsal space shared with fellow avant-funksters A Certain Ratio and the nascent New Order. Ages ranged from 16 to 19, and only John Kirkham had any real prior experience, having played in Pink Military. The Swamp Children moniker was also applied to a one-off fanzine, largely the work of Ann.
- extract from the LTM Biography by James Nice
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