Northside > FAC 338 Want A Virgin

Unreleased single

FAC 338 was a single which Northside recorded and which was intended for their second album. However, neither the single nor the album were released. Dermo explains to Cerysmatic Factory what the single was about:

"The lyrics I wrote to the song are about a young man who decides to do a bank robbery on his own, (thinking that way he'd have less chance of being caught) in the hope of living a better lifestyle. He has no intentions of hurting anybody else, it's just that he's hurting so much himself. The lyrics were influenced by the song 'Bank Robber' by The Clash and while I was growing up in Manchester, the attitudes of certain people that I knew. 'Want A Virgin' is a refrain that I used (lifted off another Yellowman track of the same name) at the beginning of the song to emphasise it being somebody's first attempt, let's say his debut as a bank robber. 'Cool Idea' being how his mind was working, in other words, it would be a cool idea to do a robbery, hurt no one, get away with it and lead a better life.

"The music is typical Northside but a bit heavier sounding in the guitars. Rex Sargeant (RIP) was working with us, producing this at Suite 16. I have a DAT copy of the song but it was never officially released on tape etc for Factory."

Cool Idea lyrics

Want say me want, me want want a virgin
Need say me need, need, need a virgin

Brainwave of a different kind, oh yeah
Get out in front and leave it all behind
You need a fast life which can never be slow
Unloaded gun for this one man show

So curious, yes he had to know
Adrenalin pumping from head to toe
You want it all cos you're life's been a bitch
And now you're, seconds away from being rich!

So now there's no more faking
Living the life of the money making
Just keep your cool, yeah and keep your head
No time to do If you get no red on lead

It's easy now, easy now, easy now it's easy etc