The Durutti Column > North Star, Shetland, 16 February 2005

Exclusive live webcast

The Durutti Column launched their live 2005 shows with a unique gig in the Shetland Isles on 16 February 16 2005. As Vini Reilly said, "These kind of remote areas are the places where people need good download availabilities. We are taking our live show up to the people in the far north, to help highlight our download service with F4".

Cerysmatic Factory presented a sound and vision webcast of the show, live from The North Star, Lerwick, start time 22:00 GMT.

The broadcast was available in Windows Media only in a choice of 56K and 256K streams.

Archive presentation

An archive presentation of the gig was presented until 24 June 2005.

[Presented initially in Windows Media (25kbps, 160x120px video; 64kpbs, 16 bit, 22 khz, 2 channel stereo audio). Higher quality versions will follow.]

Thanks to Phil Jones, Tony Peaker, Shetland Arts Trust, Shetland Broadband, Stream UK and Tony Wilson for F4 Records for making the webcast happen.

Gig details

North Star
Shetland, ZE1 0EJ

Doors: 7.30
Box Office: 01595 697550
Tickets available in advance or on the door.


The Scotsman [free registration required] "There weren't many of us, but strum guys have all the luck"

James Carlyle: "... a truly excellant night of guitar playing from Vini Reilly and Bruce Mitchell's drumming was a joy. He left so much space around the beat and I've never seen a drummer make such good use of his kit instead of just hitting the snare drum all the time. Not forgetting Keir Stewart providing a solid bass sound throughout."


Sketch for Summer ("one we don't play very often")
Untitled for You
Somebody's Party
The Missing Boy
The Beggar
Requiem for Mother

- -

Venue originally proposed as Methodist Church, Lerwick.