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Dominatrix - Dominatrix EP; front cover detail
Dominatrix - Dominatrix EP; front cover detail

Release date

17 March 2009




01. Dominatrix Party
02. You Never Forget Your First Dominatrix
03. City That Never Sleeps 2


Cover art by David Levinthal

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After re-releasing '80's music with Gigolo Records, Troubleman, Gomma and Acute / Car Park Records, Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard) made plans to form his label REC in order to release new music as well as choice re-releases.

Stuart said "With 2009 being the 25th Anniversary of the original "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" 12", we have produced two new songs and taken one alternative mix from the vaults from 1984 for the occasion.

The Dominatrix EP (Dominatrix Party / You Never Forget Your First Dominatrix / City That Never Sleeps V2) comes with special cover art by NYC artist David Levinthal and will serve as reintroduction to the global network of playful vibes, soft vocals, techno pop and 'Drums!' that is Dominatrix.

This first EP will be followed by a second EP later this year, with plans for the all new album in 2010...

We are happy to be pairing with Virtual Label and will be working hard to bring you all kinds of cool stuff in the months and hopefully years to come..."