Cath Carroll

Cath Carroll discography and artefacts

Cath Carroll was born in Bristol and raised in Swansea, Ipswich and finally, her family hometown of Manchester. In 1979 she joined forces with fellow Mancunian Liz Naylor to form the band Glass Animals in addition to co-editing the infamously vitriolic City Fun fanzine. Although the city then boasted an embarrassment of musical riches - Joy Division, New Order, Factory, Magazine, Buzzcocks - City's Fun's whining pages were loathe to admit this. Only The Fall, The Smiths and Ludus seem ever to have been singled out for praise, with Cath and Liz even managing the latter wayward band for a brief period in 1982/83. In 1980 the Glass Animals changed their name to the Gay Animals and, having worn out their welcome in the north of England, moved to London in 1984. They immediately broke up.
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