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Mind Made Up
Mind Made Up

Release date

20 November 2008


Compact disc


Le Son Du Maquis, France


1. I feel light
2. Down, down, down
3. Everything is good
4 Way to escape
5. Rialto 2006
6. Mind made up
7. Teri
8. Bird to the ground
9. Starlight
10. Which is reality?
11. Skunk
12. Very busy man


To follow.

- -

The long-awaited new album, recording of which stretches back to 2005. At present the album is only available in France (via fnac.com and Amazon.fr to name but two retailers) on the Son du Maquis label.

ACR MySpace notes: "ACR have released their first studio album in ten years titled "MIND MADE UP" which contains 12 brand new songs. The album was recorded in Manchester at Abraham Moss Studios. ACR recorded the album using various recording techniques such as 24 trk 2 inch analogue tape and digital computer software PRO Tools this combination along with the band playing together and some great songs gave the album its unique sound."

The album was later re-released on LTM [LTMCD 2531 Mind Made Up]