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A FACT A FIRST New Order Ike Yard poster
A FACT A FIRST New Order Ike Yard poster


Open at 9 Live at 10


140 SECOND AVE. (8-9th)




This is the poster for the New Order / Ike Yard gig at the Ukrainian National Home, New York, 19 November 1981. This is the gig filmed for the FACT 77 Taras Shevchenko video. "A FACT A FIRST" (FA 1) is the denotion given to the event and the same denotion also appears on the poster. The poster design was a collaboration between Michael Shamberg (head of Factory's American operations) and Ike Yard's Stuart Argabright.

These posters were reportedly printed on both white and a VERY pale yellow paper (as shown). It measures 17.5" by 22.5" in size (landscape of course). It is printed on extremely thin lightweight paper - not sure of what the exact weight would be. The paper has a faint watermarked grid (somewhat like graph paper) throughout it that you can only see when held up to the light.

It is also watermarked throughout the paper with:

Rising Line
Rag Content

The above is with the formatting intact above, but spelled out it would be: "Rising Line Marquee, Rag Content, U.S.A." It is believed this designates it as a lower quality paper.

It is not known how many were printed.

Notes by Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard)

"Blind Dates" refers to the late Ruth Polsky's booking organisation. From the description of the paper, comparing that whole 'paper' thing to Ike's experience with the cover of our Factory America album (we think the cover's 'special' clay inpregnated paper cost more than recording) - well, it all points to it being a 'Factory' product. For my part, I drew the 'New Order' name and the border. This night marked the first time the venue was used for music shows, it was followed by others including Swans and now it's a 'Ukrainian Museum' I believe.

Great show and emotional for us; we heard before going on that 'the soundman hates you guys' and so as guitarist Michael Diekmann cut his hand and bled on his instrument, I tried to begin the vocal for "20" to find - "aha, there's no vocal level on the mic'. Super thankfully, Peter Hook jumped up to the sound board and got us a bit of a mix, and for that I/we are eternally grateful. Naturally, he gave Ken's bass a boost as well... Cheers on all Peter - looking forward to the memoir.

Postscript. We kept looking to see the live video footage, but were told it landed on the cutting room floor - and it must have stayed there. We didn't even asked about the 24 trk recording...


With thanks to Mike Stein for info and imagery. Thanks to Stuart Argabright for the notes.