Cerysmatic Factory is an unofficial history of Factory Records, the (now defunct) independent record label from Manchester, England. Cerysmatic Factory is not a record label, nor is it affiliated with, or part of, Factory Records in any of its current or previous iterations. Cerysmatic Factory is also about the labels that followed Factory Communications including Factory Too and F4 Records (but it's not affiliated to those labels either!).

Please also note that Cerysmatic Factory is NOT a record label and as such doesn't accept demos.

Please note that the site is now on hiatus (again) and will not be updated for the foreseeable future.

February 2023 update: Please see the Annotations for the Factory Catalogue V11.1cb. This pdf document was produced by Sebfact for factoryrecords.org and is dated 31 December 2022. During the continued hiatus on the site this is document contains 45 pages of updates and corrections. Enjoy!

Scream City

FAC 51 The Haçienda - Fourth Birthday poster