The Adventure Babies > The Black Sessions [Session no. 10 Recorded live at Studio 105, June 30, 1992, Paris, France]

The Black Sessions; front cover detail
The Black Sessions; front cover detail
The Black Sessions; insert detail
The Black Sessions; insert detail
The Black Sessions; cd detail
The Black Sessions; cd detail

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Sangatte Records [SANG 067 CD]

Annotated Tracklisting

1. Winter Plume [some tape glitches]
2. How Mortal [some tape glitches]
3. June
4. Lifetime at the Sink [Not listed on the cover, however 'Taxiland' is listed at track 4 but it doesn't appear at all on the cd!]
5. Barking Mad
6. Adventure Baby
7. Wheelaway (My Yesterday)
8. Time [Rare but great!]
9. Captain Scarlet
10. Laugh
11. Camper Van
12. A ten minute interview with Matt Tedstone where he first hints at the trouble that has started to happen at Factory Records.
13. Sunday Girl [Blondie cover. This is the only time the AdBabs have ever done a cover as it was a condition for doing a Black Session. This track goes down extremely well with the French audience, they go mad when Maxine Bailey sings the French verses.]
14. Only Way [and then Matt starts to do 'Floating In From The Coast' and then he gets cut off. There are not many recordings of the "Proper Version" of Only Way. The only other one I know of is live at Cities in the Park as captured on the festivals' Promo Video!]


Les archives des Black Sessions. La Maison de la Radio. Paris, France. Le disque promotionnel. Edition Limitée. © (P) 2005 Sangatte Records. SANG CD 67.

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Adventure Babies keyboardist Phil Goodall explains the history of this rare album: "This is the "lost" Adventure Babies album of the Black Sessions recorded for France Inter Radio. It is a recording of Black Session No 10 recorded live at Studio 105 on 30 June 30 1992 in Paris. It has been released by Sangatte Records this year (2005)! They have released a whole range of Black Sessions by various artists. It sounds like the record company has made the cd directly from the original radio station tapes as there are some, what sounds like, tape glitches on the first two tracks. However, the rest of the cd sounds fine. This session was recorded 1 month before the release of the Factory album 'Laugh' in France. The track listing on the cover isn't a true representation of the content / order of tracks on the cd. The Actual Track listing is explained in Phil's track-by-track annotations."

The cd was sourced through Aria Records, 2275 Oxford St, Vancouver, BC V5L, CANADA but may also be available via other stockists.

Thanks very much to Phil Goodall for information and media.